Carly Daniels, a single mother with a special needs child, did everything right … until everything went wrong. She was doing the job she was paid to do, when she was indicted, facing jail time, and worried about her young son.

Carly’s innocence doesn’t prevent her descent into a nightmare world of prosecutors whose mission is to win at any cost. Carly’s knowledge of the legal system is from television drama. Now she must battle with hard reality, her son’s future at stake as well as her own.

Could this happen to you?

There is no evidence but prosecutors create evidence. They persuade snitches to testify against you. They withhold evidence that proves your innocence.

This happens every day in courts throughout the nation-innocent people falsely accused of crimes. It may be a senator or a wealthy business owner. More often it is an ordinary person like you. Or Carly Daniels.

Accidental Felon is based on actual events of many people.

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