An Accidental Felon is created every day in courts throughout the nation–innocent people falsely accused of crimes. It may be an elderly senator or a wealthy business owner. More often it is an ordinary person like you.

Or Carly Daniels, a single mother with a special needs child. She had a mundane job, an office worker for a viatical & life settlements company. Suddenly she is an accused felon, indicted, facing prison, and worried about her young son.

Like most innocent people, Carly has no idea how to fight the injustice. She needs the zealous advocacy of a top-notch criminal defense lawyer–and that requires more money than she could dream of earning in the next twenty years.

YES, it could happen to you.

There is no evidence but prosecutors create evidence. They persuade snitches to testify against you. They withhold evidence that proves your innocence.

Accidental Felon is based on actual events of many people, including cases available on the internet.

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The remainder of this website is devoted to true stories of other accidental felons, people who were victims of lawyers and/or prosecutors and a justice system that rarely provides justice.