Gloria Wolk

Accidental Felon

wrongful conviction, innocence, a novel by Gloria Wolk

Think this could never happen to you? There is no evidence against you but prosecutors create evidence. They persuade snitches to testify against you. They withhold evidence that proves your innocence. This happens every day in courts throughout the nation–innocent people falsely accused of crimes. It may be a senator or a wealthy business owner. More often it is an ordinary person like you. Or Carly Daniels.

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A single mother with a special needs child, Carly became a suspect when the FBI raided her employer. Until the raid, Carly had no clue Archer Life Settlements was part of an industry known for massive fraud. Suddenly she was indicted as a co-conspirator. Suddenly she was an accused felon.

Carly’s knowledge of law and courts is from television drama. There is no heroic lawyer riding to her rescue. Carly knows she faces a long prison term. There is no parole in the federal system. Her young son will be an adult before she is released.

Accidental Felon
ISBN: 978-0-9652615-5-5
LCCN: 20129003042
362 page; List Price: $21.95
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