Gloria Wolk wrote this legal suspense novel to show readers how easily an innocent person can become a felon, and to show how the law allows prosecutors to do whatever they choose to get a conviction.

Although this is fiction, the story is based on many true stories and includes actual rulings of the courts, including the Supreme Court. These rulings protect prosecutors 90 percent more than they protect the victims of injustice.

The remainder of this website is devoted to true stories of innocent people wrongly convicted and a few of the heroes that helped them. We also have a list of related books and will add to this as time permits (including excellent legal fiction that informs as well as keeps readers on the edge).

Gloria Wolk is not a lawyer. She is a former social worker whose formal legal training began at the University of Connecticut Graduate School of Social Work, where she enrolled in the certificate program, “Social Work and the Law.” Later, she earned a Certificate in Legal Assistantship (University of California, Irvine), provided volunteer legal research for a local nonprofit, and continued to read and learn law. She has served as litigation consultant to lawyers all over the US–most of whom represented victims of the viatical & life settlements industry.

This novel was motivated by stories of innocent young people whose lives were sacrificed to wrongful convictions. The true stories upset and angered Gloria, and she set out to do something about this. That “something” is to offer help–legal research and/or drafting of pleadings–to  innocence groups. In the future she hopes to establish a nonprofit that will offer these services to public defender offices and to many other Michaels throughout the nation. If she succeeds in doing this, the nonprofit will also provide employment to former jailhouse lawyers who helped other inmates but today, after release, they are not employed at anything suitable to their knowledge and experience.

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