The prosecutor (assistant attorney general Joshua Thomas) drafted the Order of Dismissal. No surprise. The Order denied Michael’s petition. There was only one way to do this–misrepresent facts and law. And Joshua Thomas is adept at doing that. (Compare to 081513 Thomas letter proposed order filing sheet, the one he sent for Judge Baxley’s signature. Michael quashed it by showing the judge the pleading was an attempted Fraud on the court.)

That was in 2013. In April 2014 Judge Baxley resigned from the bench, to accept a position as counsel to a corporation. That left one judge in the tiny court of Darlington– Judge Burch. It is likely that Judge Burch was swamped with cases and could not spare the hours for an evidentiary hearing and drafting a ruling. Judge Burch does do his job.

Unfortunately, Thomas A. Russo, an at-large judge, was brought to Darlington for the hearing. And then he left.


Five months later Judge Russo filed the Order of Dismissal prepared for his signature by asst. AG Joshua Thomas.  Apparently, Judge Russo did not trouble to read it since, among other things, the Order erroneously refers to the court in Horry County. Nothing related to Farris ever occurred in Horry County court.

There are other errors, but Joshua Thomas can make mistakes since, as a prosecutor, he will not be held accountable.

And Judge Russo probably does not know he signed his name to gibberish.

Judge Russo probably does not know that asst. AG Joshua Thomas is one of those win-at-all-costs prosecutors, a future Ken Anderson. If he were familiar with the Farris case, he would know that Thomas’ pleadings are a steady diet of misrepresenting law.

Judge Russo is paid more than $100 thousand annually, but he does not read, he does not write. That’s a lot of taxpayer dollars for traveling from courthouse yo courthouse to sit on his duff and pretend to have knowledge of law.

See for yourself:

View the Order Dismiss.

View Michael’s Mo Alter

View Reply to State’s Opposition

If you are wondering why Michael filed these pro se (for himself), and where was attorney Tristan Shaffer, details will be  added in the near future. (We did warn you that Shaffer’s appointment was the beginning of worse problems.)