Accidental Felon is fiction, based on many true stories. Here are a few of the victims of injustice.

Michael Morton — nearly 25 years in prison, convicted of the murder of his wife. The prosecutor who withheld evidence of his innocence became a judge and recently was sentenced to 10 days in jail for what he did to the Morton family.

Jeffrey Deskovic, jailed at age 16, convicted and sent to prison at age 17, wrongly convicted of rape and murder, exonerated after 16 years.

Kerry Max Cook  spent 22 years on death row, falsely accused of rape and murder.

Jabber Collins  Wrongly convicted and with a life sentence this young, high school graduate taught himself legal research in prison, only to find his legitimate requests for information in his file ignored by the same corrupt prosecutor who sent him to prison. Then he tried to get a lawyer to help–almost impossible because he could not pay. But he persisted, and got the help he needed. And was exonerated.

Kirk Bloodworth, the first person to be exonerated by DNA–after spending 9 years on death row for rape and murder. Details

The list will be continually updated.